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August 3, 2012

An update from Sarah Groff's parents:

Daily Star

---- — The Cooperstown Crier received the following update from Oympian Sarah Groff's parents:

Team Groff has been enjoying  the historic landmarks of London over the past two days. Beckett, age 3, was excited to see Big Ben, though he expected "him" to talk, in addition to ringing bells. Beckett has now dubbed Sarah's boyfriend, Ben True, "Little Ben". Our 91-year-old patriarch prefers the upper deck of the double decker tour bus. Thank goodness for an excellent transportation system, since we are taking dozens of connections on the Underground each day. We have learned to "Mind the Gap," since the electronic overhead voice reminds us to be careful of the space between the platform and train like a careful mother.

Sarah arrived in London late Wednesday. Olympic processing was delayed so she eventually traveled from the Olympic Village to the Hyde Park Race Hotel after midnight. Some of us had the opportunity to see her briefly and get a Team USA fashion show. Much of the clothing is destined for various charity auctions. The time between now and the race is much like "minding the gap" for Sarah.The time is spent in race briefings, the official draw on the starting pontoon, media events, and as much rest as possible. Training is complete other than staying relaxed and loose.

We will all meet at Hyde Park at 6 am tomorrow.  For those of you who plan to get up at 4 am EST to watch the live event, please enjoy the race.  This is a celebration of many years of training and hard work for each of the 55 women in the race.  One is close to our hearts but all of them deserve the utmost admiration.


Jerry and Jeannine


Sarah Groff, formerly of Cooperstown, is competing in the Women's Triathlon for Team USA. The race will be shown between 4 and 6:30 a.m.on NBC Sports Network (Time Warner Cable 49).