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October 25, 2012

Local voice from around the globe: What an adventure home on the train


One of them I had missed, so I looked in his direction and he said “three minutes.”

I had to do a double take; I couldn’t believe he had spoken to me … AND in ENGLISH!! I thanked him in Japanese and we soon were on our way and I was home about 10 p.m.

 I have had a couple of experiences like that and I can’t explain the feelings excitement and amazement of how people come into my life.

Another experience: I was on the train home from school and we stopped at a normal stop and a group of school girls got on. I had seen them before and some of them got on at the door I was standing at and more of the group got on the next door down, and one of the girls from the bigger of the two groups walked over to me and said “Hi!”

I replied, “hi.”

They all got excited and called me cute, which is a normal occurrence here in Japan. I have also had random school boys say hi to me in the middle of the train station, which is extremely awkward when you have never seen them before. I’ve started taking things more light-heartedly and have started looking at things as a learning experience.

School is great. I have started to make more friends and have even participated in my math 1 class. I went to my first festival the other day and had the time of my life! There, I met the governor of Hyogo prefecture and a lot of other people. The festival moving shines (people carried them) and they would fight. When I say fight I seriously mean they would push them until they fell. Each different town had a different color; there was pink, blue, orange, red, green and yellow. I was cheering for the pink team, due to staying with a family who was staying in the pink town.

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