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October 25, 2012

New Obama book is worth reading


The narrative is not all smooth sailing. Some of it gets lost in minute details that aren’t always easy to follow. This is especially true when Maraniss is talking about Obama’s ancestors in Kenya. There are so many names, places and customs that it’s hard to remember who is who and what is what. The Kansas side of the story is easier to digest, perhaps because we can relate to it easier.

But that is just nitpicking. Most of the story is fascinating and sometimes spellbinding. Between his family background and upbringing, Barack Obama has had quite a life.

I assume that Maraniss will write a sequel that will focus on Obama’s transformation into politics. He has put so much time and energy into this biography it is clear there is much more to tell. What we learned from “Barack Obama: The Story” is that our president is a truly unique individual with a unique American story. Like him or not it’s one worth reading.

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