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May 9, 2013

Local Voices From Around The Globe: Exchange is like a life in a year


The adult thoroughly knows his craft of his work at this stage, and as my craft in Bolivia is learning Spanish, I became fluent in Spanish. With the young adult’s work comes a pattern; for me this pattern became school and playing soccer on Monday and Thursday, doing kenpo karate during the week and going out with friends on the weekend. Every day I would go to bed happy as can be.

A young adult slowly ages as he gains wisdom, suddenly he is in his waning years. The exchange student experiences this waning of years of an old man also. As my last two and half months are upon me, I have become fluent in Spanish, know the city and its culture like the back of my hand. I am the old man who has acquired knowledge throughout his life. I am reminded how soon my exchange will be over in a few months by other exchange students leaving or soon to leave.

Thus I am experiencing in a way what an old man feels when his friends pass away. I look back on my exchange and am happy with it. I am left wondering how did it go so fast? Yet I still look to see what is new and how I can make the most of the remaining time. I feel certain that the old man does the same thing, he looks back on his life and is filled with happiness and a grin pops up on his face. Though they don’t sit back and do nothing, but instead still live life to the fullest. Thus I am living my exchange life to the fullest in its waning time.

Exchange is truly a life in a year. The exchange student grows in every way, knowledge of a different culture, open mindedness, personality and maturity. The exchange student loves his host country like his home country; he will never forget his other life that happened in a year.

Hunter Cox is a Cherry Valley-Springfield Central School student on Rotary exchange in Bolivia.

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