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May 9, 2013

Time, if not traffic, moves on ...


We had equally poor luck returning from a shopping trip at the Commons one day when we found ourselves behind a very long flatbed truck that could not make the turn from Linden Avenue onto Walnut Street as there was so much traffic heading south that the truck could not swing out far enough to get around the corner. Traffic had backed up quite a bit when a Bassett shuttle bus driver must have realized the truck’s predicament and stopped to let the truck turn. Even so, vehicles on Walnut Street still had to back up before the truck managed to make the turn but not without running over the curb big time. Needless to say, both experiences point out rather clearly the problems some 21st century vehicles have traveling on19th century streets. No doubt, everyone will be most glad when the road work is finished.

Last week we read a letter to the editor in a local paper that really gave us pause. The letter read, in part: “Another thing is, Bassett Hospital has ‘hundreds’ of volunteers, but I don’t see any at the Manor . I wonder why?”

Now we willingly admit that we are in no way an authority on volunteers at the Manor. But we do most definitely know that they exist. In fact, we have a friend who has gone to the Manor regularly for 14 years to read to the residents. We have another friend who has participated in the visiting canine program where dogs visit residents who would like a four-footed visitor. We know people who collect prizes for the bingo games held at the Manor. At one point, volunteers made quilted wall hangings to hang in the lounges located throughout the facility. And we currently participate in the Meadowlarks, a group, sponsored by the Women’s Club of Cooperstown, members of which make holiday decorations to festoon the dining areas for various holidays during the year. And while we have mentioned some of the Manor volunteers, we suspect our list is far from complete because, we have learned, the Manor does have someone who is in charge of the volunteer program.

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