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May 9, 2013

Time, if not traffic, moves on ...


However, unlike the volunteers at Bassett, the volunteers at the Manor wear street clothes, not a volunteer smock. After all, volunteers at the Manor are visiting friends at their home which is a far different atmosphere than volunteers who are in the business of helping patients who are accessing a health care facility. The volunteers at the Manor may not stand out in a crowd. But that doesn’t mean they are not there.

At a recent appointment at Bassett we got to talking with the nurse that took our blood pressure and temperature that we thought the thermometers used in the clinic tended to register a temperature lower than it probably actually is. At least that had been what we have surmised. Of course, we explained to the nurse, we still use a mercury thermometer at home. She recoiled, saying they were no longer in use because of how dangerous the mercury is. Needless to say, when we explained to her that, as a child, we used to play with mercury she was horrified no doubt wondering where our other two heads were. But we always thought it was a lot of fun to play with mercury, rolling it around, breaking it up into little balls and then putting it all together in one big ball. We gathered from our conversation that children no longer play with mercury.

And, if an email that we received recently is remotely true, that are a number of other things that will no longer be part of our life. The email, titled “9 Things That Will Disappear In Our Lifetime,” predicts the demise of the post office, the check, the newspaper, the book, the land line telephone, music, television, the “things” that you own on your computer and privacy. It should be interesting. Of course, we tend to think that any semblance of privacy is long gone, but we are still here. So perhaps we shan’t miss the other things either once they too are gone. After all, we haven’t played with mercury for years. We don’t think we are the poorer for it.

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