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January 20, 2011

Home Notes: A busy winter season at the Home


Now that Christmas is over, it’s time to take down the trees and decorations.

The Home always has beautiful trees, and it’s not quite the same taking the Christmas tree down as it is putting it up and decorating it.

The Bird Watchers met in December and made Christmas presents for our fine feathered friends. The delicious mixture of peanut butter, lard, cracked corn, sunflower and other seeds were spooned into fat pine cones, dried and hung on our outdoor Christmas tree. Last year there were deer tracks near the tree where the deer had munched on our homemade treats, but none so far this year.

January birthdays were celebrated with Margaret Rees, Nancy Rackmyer and Anna Zorawska. A party was given for them in the Living Room, which was decorated with blue and white balloons and streamers. Darcey Schilling prepared the cake, iced in pale blue with white snowflakes and it was delicious!

Saturday’s movie, “Strictly Ballroom,’’ was enjoyed by Bobbie Mook, Sue Stevens, Natalie Laidlaw, Pat DeBaun, Wally Pickhardt and Jeanette Hansen. Art class is always a big hit.

Every Wednesday Fred Blatt donates his time to teach and help residents paint. Fred is a sculptor and retired teacher. Bill Bowes, Dot Gardner, and Ireland Gable always attend, but on this Wednesday Susan Kenyon, activities director, joined the group to start a painting of Otsego Lake.

Deanna Gable, administrative assistant, flew to Florida with her husband and children, Ireland and Jameson. Residents enjoy having children at the Home and we are all excited to hear about the trip to Disney when they return.

“A very good vision is needed for life and the man who has it must follow it- as the eagle seeks the deepest blue of the sky.’’ Chief Crazy Horse At our Home there are many books so wherever you are, you can pick up a book and read it. A few inspirational books were recently donated by our administrator, Laurie Blatt. Leon Rathbun also recently donated a beautiful set of six volumes on George Washington that are extremely interesting.

Our big news this month is the retirement of Joyce Haney, a dear and wonderful Housekeeper who has served the Home for 29 years. Joyce’s retirement party was held on Jan. 14 and included her family, staff, residents and a few friends including Nils Anderson and Pat and Paul Donnelly.

In addition to the gifts from the Home, and individuals, staff bought Joyce a beautiful handmade oak rocking chair, a bottle of champagne and chocolates. Darcey Schilling made a beautiful cake decorated with roses, to match her rose bouquet. The cooks prepared an array of food and a festive punch.

Facility Manager Frank Miller created a photo presentation set to music, with pictures of residents and staff from 1981 to the present.

Everyone enjoyed the presentation and there was laughter and tears as we reminisced together and wished Joyce well. All in all, it was an extremely well put together party.

On Jan. 16, Pat DeBaun’s daughter Eleanor and great grandaughter Lila Mae visited.

“Consider the trees which allow the birds to perch and fly away without either inviting them to stay or desiring them never to depart. If your heart can be like this, you will be near to the way.’’ Traditional Zen

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