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December 9, 2010

Home Notes: Use caution this Christmas season


On your mark, get set, go!!!!! We have certainly been off to the races as I am sure that everyone else feels the same way this time of year.

Lap 1: Two weeks, 200 strands of lights, 300 feet of garland, six trees decorated and the outside is decorated.

Lap 2: 46 pounds of turkey, seven sides, three different breads, six pies and 43 for the feast. Lap 3: One little dog came to visit giving 26 +/- smiles.

Lap 4: Caution comes out for three children in the house, Lauren Miller, Ireland and Jameson Gable, who performed one puppet show, one hula hoop show, and four dances for an audience of five.

Lap 5: Twelve different instruments and 18 musicians together make up Small Town Big Band (thank you) and with 18 residents joining makes for a great time. Lap 6: Caution comes out as 18 residents watch Horatio’s Drive.

 Lap 7: Caution is still out as 13 residents and staff play Christmas Carol bingo receiving 39+ treats.

Lap 8: Three Christmas trees go up inside and 300 bulbs are replaced as two particular residents continuously pointed that lights were out.

Lap 9: 14 boxes of decorations are sorted through, brought upstairs and decorated numerous rooms. Lap 10: 200 Christmas ornaments go on the living room tree with 12 helpers. Lap 11: Another caution comes out and . . . . . .

Cautions are what we remember and should be out on every lap.

So this holiday season stop counting laps, whether you are the pit crew, the driver, crew chief or spectator and enjoy, appreciate, and savor every moment that puts a smile on your face no matter how little.

Happy Holidays.