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April 4, 2013

Second host family makes Hungary feel like home

I have been living in Hungary for nearly seven months. It’s hard to believe that I will soon be a “rebound,” for this year was a blur. I feel that I’m ready to start the transition for preparing to come home. I love Hungary, but I’ve started to come to terms with inevitable. I have learned so much this year and am so grateful to my parents and Rotary for giving me this opportunity.

I mentioned in my last article, that I will have to change families and schools again in the beginning of April. Since then I’ve learned that I will have to also have to move towns. I will be living about 45 minuets outside of Budapest in a town called Budaörs. I have mixed feelings about this. For one thing, I will miss my current host family terribly. They are still as loving as when I first met them and if anything, even more affectionate. I think my host parents consider me as their real daughter. I feel that changing schools isn’t such a bad thing, just annoying. I will have to go through the whole process of being the new kid again and make friends. I know I will be fine, but I get tired thinking about it. I am excited to meet new people and explore my new surroundings though.

I now feel ready to talk about my first host family and the huge impact they had on my exchange.

In my last home, I was uncomfortable, lonely, unhappy, and felt alienated. I tried to reach out to my counselor, but I feel as if that just made things worse. School was my safe haven, filled with friends and teachers who embraced the differences in our cultures instead of treating them as flaws.

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