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January 3, 2013

From the email bag ...


ARKANSAS ... Has the only active diamond mine in the U.S.

CALIFORNIA ... Has an economy so large that if it were a country, it would rank seventh in the entire world.

COLORADO ... Became, in 1976, the only state to turn down the Olympics.

CONNECTICUT ... Invented the Frisbee at Yale University.

DELAWARE ... Has more scientists and engineers than any other state.

FLORIDA ... Has the U.S.’ largest city, Jacksonville, at 759 square miles.

GEORGIA .... Is where, in 1886, pharmacist John Pemberton made the first vat of Coca-Cola.

HAWAII ... Has a population that lives, on average, five years longer than residents in any other state.

IDAHO ... Invented TV in Rigby, Idaho, in 1922.

ILLINOIS ... Is where the Chicago River is dyed green every St. Patrick’s Day.

INDIANA ... Is home to Santa Claus, Indiana, which gets a half million letters to Santa every year.

IOWA ... Is the home to Winnebago County from which Winnebagos get their name. Also, it is the only state that begins with two vowels.

KANSAS ... Has an exact replica of the house in The Wizard of Oz in Liberal, Kansas.

KENTUCKY ... Has more than $6 billion in gold underneath Fort Knox.

LOUISIANA ... Has parishes instead of counties because they were originally Spanish church units.

MAINE ... Is so big, it covers as many square miles as the other five New England states combined.

MARYLAND ... Is where The Ouija board was created in Baltimore in 1892.

MASSACHUSETTS ... Named the Fig Newton after Newton, Massachusetts.

MICHIGAN ... Where Fremont, home to Gerber, is the baby food capital of the world.

MINNESOTA ... Sports Bloomington’s Mall of America which is so big, if you spent 10 minutes in each store, you’d be there nearly four days.

MISSISSIPPI ... Is where President Teddy Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear, which resulted in the teddy bear getting its name.

MISSOURI ... Is the birthplace of the ice cream cone.

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