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January 3, 2013

'People Like Us' is worth watching

Probably the worst place you can watch a movie is in an airplane. The picture is bad, the sound is bad and usually the movie is bad as well. Even if it’s one that you want to see, the sound is garbled and you inevitably have a seat where you suffer a pinched nerve from having to crane your neck. It’s the perfect trifecta and then some. How many people actually look forward to watching an in-flight movie?

I mention this phenomenon because I had an unusual experience on a flight recently. I actually saw a film that wasn’t half-bad despite all the drawbacks. It didn’t hurt that I had an unplanned aisle seat when I normally take a window. It’s one of those unexplained situations, possibly due to the airline changing the aircraft, where you don’t end up with the seat you request.

One advantage to the aisle seat is that you have a more direct view of the screen rather than the angled view of the window seat which equates to looking at a battery operated TV on the beach with the glare of the sun. It helps if the screen (which the airplane has every five rows) is in the row in front of you.

Otherwise you might need binoculars. Fortunately I was in the perfect position. So far, so good.

The movie in question was one I probably saw previews of but made no impression on me. It was called “People Like Us” and from the description in the in-flight magazine sounded like it had promise.

Inspired by a “true” story (I assume that means that 10 percent of the story actually happened), a young man with business problems returns home for his estranged father’s funeral and to take care of his effects. It is there that he discovers he has a sister he never knew about.

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