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January 3, 2013

'People Like Us' is worth watching


It becomes even more frustrating after Pine and Banks eventually become friends because you’re left wondering why Pine’s character just doesn’t tell Banks that they’re related. I assume it’s because by doing such a logical thing there would be no plot to exploit and the story would take only five minutes instead of two hours. Perhaps in the real life story he told her right away. If so, the movie sounds like a prime example of artistic license on steroids.

The funny thing after all this criticism is that I give “People Like Us” a thumb’s up. If you can deal with the corny scenes and the lack of common sense, the ending makes up for everything and then some.

It has a twist to it that I didn’t see coming that turns what appeared to be another typical Hollywood dysfunctional theme movie into something worth watching.

Not by coincidence we have the DVD of the movie in-house. If I can put up with what appeared to be a weak plot line with poor sound quality on a small screen and still come out impressed there must be something to it. The movie made my flight and that’s not an easy thing to do.

David Kent is the director of the Village Library of Cooperstown. He can be reached at

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