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January 24, 2013

Local Voices From Around the Globe: Feeling better about being away from home

I have been in Hungary for a little more than five months, boy where does the time go? My life has gotten exponentially better since I last wrote, and I think this is due to the fact I changed host families.

I now live in the 16th district in Pest. Both of my host parents work and I have an older host brother. All of them are so kind and patient with me, I feel as if they genuinely want me in their home. Since I didn’t get along with my last family, I was eager to build a strong relationship with my new one. This made me nervous, I didn’t want to go back to feeling unwanted or like I was intruding on some else’s home.

But on my first day my new host mom hugged me and said, “I know how lonely it can get around the holidays and I want you to know you are our daughter now. You don’t have to feel alone anymore.”

I was speechless, and after that I felt the most at home than I ever had in Hungary. I will admit that I misjudged the Hungarian family dynamic, but now I see only love and kindness. Sadly I had to change schools (to Kölcsey Ferenc Gimnázium) along with my family; however this transition was not as difficult as I was anticipating. I remember my first day of school at Veres Peter feeling very self-conscious and stressed. Questions like “Am I going to make friends? What if I don’t understand anything? What is everyone thinking of me?” and so on. This time, I felt so calm it even surprised me. I just didn’t feel worried at all, I guess in my mind I knew that I would make friends, understand something and had already experienced being the topic of gossip.

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