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February 7, 2013

Back in the saddle again ...


It is also fortunate, we think, that we remember nothing about the surgery. But we do remember waking up in recovery and peering at what seemed to be a long tunnel of white light which prompted us to ask whoever seemed to be at our side if we were dead. To this we got the reply, "Dead? Of course you're not dead." To say that we were somewhat relieved is perhaps an understatement.

We were discharged from Bassett on Dec. 31 and, although we were not at all certain we were ready to go home, we are happy to report, that with a bit of assistance from our neighbor Finn Jensen, in addition to our sister, we were able to get out of the car, up the back steps and into the house. Of course, we were at that point absolutely convinced we would never be able to move again. Fortunately, that prediction did not prove to be true.

However, there were some moments during the recovery that I think both us, the patient and the caregiver, would rather cheerfully like to forget. Among these are the night that we discovered during a trip to the bathroom that the thigh on our operative leg was one massive, dark purple bruise. We panicked as we had been told, since we were on Coumadin to prevent blood clots, that there was a possibly of grave risk of internal bleeding. We immediately called Ellen from our landline to her cellphone in her bedroom and announced we were bleeding. She rushed into the family room where we were ensconced in our hospital bed, fully expecting to see blood gushing forth. Of course, it wasn't but our hysteria more than made up for the apparent lack of bleeding. We suspect it was not a night either of us feel the need to repeat ever. Nor do we need to go through the "We will never be able to sleep again," "These exercises are beyond me" or the "What will we do when you leave" moments. We seemed to have gotten through them all and are continuing to plow ahead. And through it all, Ellen proved to be an excellent caregiver who provided us with full service, low cost, high quality care with excellent food thrown in for good measure.

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