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February 7, 2013

Back in the saddle again ...


And while there was a lot of work involved in her stay, we also think she rather enjoyed getting to know Cooperstown. She loved the fact that she could walk to the General Store, the post office and the library as it reminded her of what it was like when we were growing up. She was amazed by the fact that she could go to Church and Scott's and they would simply charge everything she picked up to our account. She could not imagine any pharmacy in Texas offering such service. And during her stay we were able to enjoy several dinners from the Hawkeye Grill as they very graciously agreed to pack the dinners up for take-out. And, she became conversant enough with the highways and byways of the area that she was able to give directions, when asked, to get from the Commons to the Hall of Fame.

Of course, there was the occasional misunderstanding about some of our stores, all of which were unfamiliar to her except for CVS, McDonald's, Pizza Hut and Subway. The greatest confusion arose when we suggested she could go to Stewart's and get some corn chips as we tend to think the Stewart's brand is quite good. She expressed amazement that Stewart's would have its own brand. We explained that it is, after all, a chain. "Stewart's is a chain," she inquired. We told her yes, to which she replied that she never would have guessed that when she went there to pick up the oysters for Christmas. It took us a moment to realize that while we were talking Stewart's, she was thinking Spurbeck's, which we must note has the most delicious oysters but not, at least to our knowledge, their own brand of corn chips.

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