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October 9, 2008

Weather Watch


Extrememly dry weather pattern through next week The long Columbus Day weekend will feature absolutely magnificent October weather in Otsego County, with brilliant sunshine each day and above normal temperatures.

Exactly as we predicted in last week’s weather column, this October will turn out to be warmer and drier than normal. Although temperatures have actually averaged three to four degrees below normal during the first week, temperatures will be around ten degrees above normal Friday through Tuesday, and there’s simply no very cool weather in sight through at least the third week of October. Last week’s unseasonably warm weather in Montana, especially while it was much warmer in Billings than in Atlanta, was a key indicator for many days of beautiful weather in the Cooperstown area. The jet stream will stay well to the north in central Canada, with the storm track well to the west, maintaining the exceptionally dry weather across our region.

One high pressure system after another will slide southward to the Great Lakes and New England, then over the mid-Atlantic states, continuing the dry conditions.

On Friday, bright sunshine will prevail all day, as a westerly flow takes over, with dry, unseasonably warm air; highs around 70 degrees. On Saturday, as high pressure slides to the south right over New York and Pennsylvania, skies will be sunny all day with dry air and highs around 70 degrees again. A southwesterly flow around the high will continue bright sunshine and warm air on Sunday; highs in the mid-70’s or about 15 degrees above normal.

A weak cold front will bring little more than a few passing clouds as it crosses our area early Monday morning. Columbus Day will feature partly to mostly sunny skies and highs from 65 to 70 degrees. Look for more of the same on Tuesday, with partly sunny skies and highs in the mid- 60’s.

Mark Hanok is an Otegobased meteorologist. You can visit him on the World Wide Web at http://members.