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December 31, 2008

This Wonderful Life

And a Happy New Year I’m not a huge fan of New Year’s resolutions. Most of them are broken before you can remember consistently to write the new year on your checks.

And frankly, it just becomes disheartening, year after year, to promise the same changes on Jan. 1. ``This is the year I’ll stop (insert vice here) and start (insert virtue here).’’

The thing is, the vices are always the same — stop over-eating or over-drinking, stop smoking, don’t take things or people for granted, stop watching so much TV, stop doing all those things that you wish you didn’t do.

And the virtues follow suit û start taking better care of yourself, start a physical fitness regimen, read more, spend more time with friends, simplify, declutter, make time for the important things in lifeà My own list is probably more or less the same as yours û and the same as every person’s since the beginning of human self-consciousness.

While I don’t like resolutions, I do like the ritual of slowing down, taking stock and correcting course.

And as I was taking stock of the things I’d like to improve in the coming year, I realized that everything comes back to one thing: Mindfulness.

First on my list is being more green around the house. We’re pretty good about recycling and being eco-friendly in all the ways we can. But we know we could be better. Essentially, that means being mindful of the way our choices affect the environment, and how we can make those choices at least incrementally better.

Second on my list is eating a healthier diet. Were not complete addicts of junk food and empty calories.

I’m vegetarian, and the rest of the family is close to it. We rarely eat fast food.

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