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January 16, 2009

This Wonderful Life

A note to my readers: Are you reading the blog? No? Why not? Just this week, you could have read all about trying to find the most ethical dog food, finding an incredible (and incredibly easy) recipe for hummus, and letting go of some old distractions to make room for new possibilities. The best thing is - I don’t just want you to read the site - I want you to be a part of it. Share ideas, connect with other people. Check it out at www.moremindfulfamily. wordpress. com. It’ll be awesome, I swear. Lousy days are like fine whines In the world of lousy days, there are so many varietals. Some have a bitter nose, but a bright finish. Others open with a spray of cherries and freesia only to disappoint with a thick taste of freshly paved asphalt. Some lousy days are like a stubbed toe. And not just any stubbed toe. They’re like the stubbed toe that happens after you’ve let go of all hesitation and selfconsciousness to perform a spectacularly joyful series of pirouettes around your living room. The living room where someone has left a toy truck or deployment of sharp little army men or a set of metal, 20- pound weights.

These are not tragic days. They’re not life-altering days. They’re just lousy.

They’re days that feel like a full-body stubbed toe, and they’re darned disheartening. I started my week with one of those. It wasn’t horrible. It wasn’t like learning that someone I thought was my best friend was secretly making fun of me behind my back. It was just one of those days that began full of energy and enthusiasm and optimism, but ended with a bruised ego and some difficult introspection.

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