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February 13, 2009

Weather Watch


In last week’s weather column we predicted a continuation of the very dry weather pattern.

That proved to be an understatement, as so far in February most places in Otsego County have received no more than .05’’ of precipitation.

At our weather station in Otego, we got only .03’’ since the beginning of the month - almost unheard of dryness for February. The upside-down temperature pattern during the first week of February, was a key indicator that extremely dry conditions would continue.

After the very cold weather pattern during January, with the jet stream diving southeastward from northern Canada, now upper-level winds are from a southwesterly direction, bringing above normal temperatures. Although snowfall was above normal during January, precipitation was actually below normal. February will turn out much drier than January, and temperatures will average above normal.

On Friday, an intense storm will lift northward through eastern Canada and a colder, drier northwesterly flow will take over.

With partly to mostly sunny skies and a 20-30 MPH northwest wind, highs will be in the low 30’s, or just about normal for mid-February. On Saturday skies will be mostly sunny with a dry northwest flow at the surface and aloft; highs from 30 to 35 degrees. A storm system moving well to our south could bring light snow to the mid-Atlantic states.

Sunday will feature mostly sunny skies and slightly above normal temperatures and very dry air; highs 33 to 38 degrees. The extraordinarily dry weather pattern will continue on Monday and Tuesday with partly to mostly sunny skies and highs in the mid-30’s.

Mark Hanok is an Otegobased meteorologist.