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April 2, 2009

This Wonderful Life

Making friends made easy

Posey has entered what I like to call her cruise director phase. Last week, while on a trip out of town, we found a nice little Japanese restaurant in the middle of Sleepy Hollow. (Side note: How far removed from civilization could Ichabod Crane have felt when he could have seen Manhattan while driving over the Tappan Zee Bridge. Sheesh.) As soon as we walked into the restaurant, Posey spotted another child, a little girl who looked to be about 2.

``Hi!’’ Posey called. She pointed to the girl’s Elmo doll sitting next to her on the table. ``I have Elmo, too!’’

The hostess sat us at a table just behind the other family, and Posey launched right in, introducing herself to the mom and dad.

``Hi. I’m Posey. What’s her name?’’ she asked. The dad leaned toward Posey and smiled. ``Her name is Dominique.’’

``Hi, Dominique!’’ Posey bubbled. ``This is my mom and this is my dad, and this is Bee and this is my brother Xerxes.’’

Posey does these introductions all the time, and she always gestures toward us with two hands, palms upturned. She looks like the introducing a new model at the car show, or a brand new washer/dryer on ``Price Is Right.’’ Sometimes, she adds a bit of biographical information, just to get the conversation rolling.

``Mama has a boo-boo on her leg,’’ she might gravely inform our new friends. ``Bee is my sister and she goes to school on the bus,’’ she might point out to someone who seems like he could identify with such an experience. ``Lydia has a instrument that’s red and it’s a flute and she tries to hide the diamond castle!’’ she might reveal dramatically to someone who looks to be in need of a good, compelling story.

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