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November 15, 2012

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Terms of payment will be easy. THEODORE POMEROY. Cooperstown, Oct. 31, 1812.

COMMENT: Theodore Pomeroy (1785-1860) was a cousin of George Pomeroy, who married William Cooper’s daughter Anne. Theodore married Mary (Polly) Fuller (1796-1824), daughter of Cooperstown doctor Thomas Fuller, Jr. (1765-1835).

Militia duty

From a speech given November 3 by New York Governor Daniel D. Tompkins]:

All persons above the age of forty-five years, amongst whom it is to presumed the greatest proportion of wealth is distributed, and a great variety of persons under that age, are exempt from military duty altogether in time of peace, and there is no provision which subjects them to any contribution or duty in time of war.

Besides, the penalty for the disobedience of those who are liable to militia duty, and are The consequence is that an affluent portion of the community do not participate in the danger and burthens of service at all, and many of the most wealthy of those who may be detached avoid taking the field by the payment of a trifling amount, scarcely exceeding the value of the requisite clothing and equipments to fit a soldier for service; while the more indigent, perhaps with young families to support, are alone subjected to the sacrifice of supporting the government and defending the lives and property of their fellow citizens, and receive a compensation, which in a comparison with their earnings at home, is but a mere pittance.

Every principle of policy and justice requires that some other system be devised by which the hardships and perils of defending the country shall be more equitably diffused...

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