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November 15, 2012

It's time to work together ...

As the recent election drew near, we found ourselves restricting more and more of our Facebook friends from posting on our wall because we were simply tired of all the negative comments from both sides. We assumed, once the election was over that we would welcome all of them back. However, we have been reluctant to do so as it seems the negativity continues, which has actually resulted in our eliminating even more comments not only from Facebook but also from our email inbox.

We knew we were in trouble when after the election the following post showed up on our Facebook wall: “...Everything is going to be alright. ... I promise. The world isn’t ending and no one is out to get you. I think both the candidates have the best interests of the country in mind ...  I think both are good men and I think both care deeply for this country. I honestly think that’s the case. Where things differ is how they foresee America getting there. And it’s OK to disagree ... But PLEASE, the negative ‘the world is out to get me, look how stupid the other guy is, we’re screwed, and the other side is UnAmerican’ posts and attitudes HAVE GOT to STOP.”

We, of course suggested doing what we had done and simply blocking such posts. However, the response to this, and rightly so, we suspect, was:

“I’m very hesitant to remove anyone from my Facebook feeds because I firmly believe that it’s important to hear both sides of everything ... I’m glad folks have a difference of opinion but come on, the divide in this country is going to get us nowhere. Politcis have become about making sure the other guy fails, not about making sure the country moves forward. I’m talking about both sides here, but until that thinking changes, this country IS in trouble. It’s not the guy in the White House, it’s us. American citizens are the problem ... It is time for ALL Americans to stand up and be nicer people, both to each other and our leaders. Stop nit picking everything someone does and put some faith in your fellow man ... ask ‘What can I do to help?’ or ‘Is what I’m doing helping or potentially hurting?’ Because if it’s hurting, then you my friend are part of the problem and you need to stop...”   

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