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November 15, 2012

Election Day thoughts

I have voted, and despite my strong feelings about who the winner should be, I intend to focus on other things the rest of the day. Let the talking heads spin themselves into rhetorical dizziness until the wee hours of the morning. The sun is shinning. There are some late fall chores to turn to. I look forward to an outside day preoccupied with sunny thoughts. A friend in New York City called a while ago and much of our conversation revolved around how embarrassed and ashamed each of us is over the despicable nature of political and civil discourse these days.

Neither of us wants to emulate an ostrich, but the tone of most public discourse is nasty and inhumane. One of these days we might just rediscover the value of community and communitarian values. At any rate, my friend turned to his law practice and I will soon turn to firewood stacking and dreaming a bit about the apples I never picked this fall.

People often ask about how things are going up here on the hill. Most of the place is tucked in for the winter. I am still splitting and stacking firewood, a chore I love, despite the toll it takes on the body. Given a few more dry days we will be set for the next three years. Friends who know my methods think I am crazy, if not foolish, not to rent or borrow a wood splitter. Perhaps I will get there some day. Just not ready. Besides, I hesitate to borrow such an expensive tool, fearing doing it unintended damage. Renting one does not appeal to me because it costs money, requires picking up, using gasoline, making a heck of a lot of noise, and then has to be retuned. I would rather go about things slowly, quietly, and without contributing to an already overloaded carbon footprint. I have no quarrel with anyone else’s use of a splitter. It just does not fit my philosophical bill. 

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