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October 18, 2012

The things you learn...

Several weeks ago now we had the opportunity to partake of lunch with the Hartwick Senior Group at The Hartwick Restaurant on Route 205 just south of the hamlet of Hartwick. Normally the Senior Group has a potluck luncheon at the Hartwick Fire Hall. But this month, the decision was made to eat out. And while we are always fond of the potluck lunch, we were not at all disappointed with The Hartwick Restaurant lunch. In fact, we thought it was quite good.

We chose to try the broccoli soup and the ham and cheese deli sandwich. The soup was delicious and the sandwich was so large we, along with almost everyone else, took half of the sandwich home. For dessert the restaurant served some of the largest muffins we have ever seen. We choose an apple muffin, which necessitated another takeout box, as Ina and Don Phillips were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary and brought a cake to celebrate the occasion. All in all we enjoyed both the food and the fellowship.

We also were happy to receive a copy of the restaurant’s menu for future reference. We note that The Hartwick Restaurant is open daily from 6 a.m. until 9 p.m., serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Additionally, we learned that the restaurant will feature winter dinner specials Monday through Friday from October through March. These specials include fried chicken, grilled ham steak, spaghetti and meatballs, prime rib and a fish fry. Given what we have learned, we tend to think that we will find ourselves traveling to Hartwick to check out not only the dinner specials, but also the many possibilities for breakfast. For more information about the restaurant, please call 293-3043.

And much as we liked The Hartwick Restaurant, we must say we have not gotten a similar report on this year’s school lunches both in Milford and Cooperstown. We were told that in Milford it is no longer possible to get a sandwich as children don’t need bread everyday. And we must say that we certainly hope the Widge don’t learn of this revolting development as she is rather positive that she wants to start each day with toast complimenting her fresh fruit and yogurt. Of course the bread restrictions might explain why we have also heard the subs served at Coopestown are open faced with the top part of the bun missing.

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