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October 18, 2012

The things you learn...


Since all of this school lunch information seemed sketchy, we emailed the superintendent in an attempt to verify what we were hearing. We did get a response, which explained that changes in school lunches stem from a change in federal guidelines. However, our question regarding sandwiches was not answered as we were told to expect a letter from the cafeteria manager summarizing the changes for this year. As of this writing, we have not received such a letter.

Thus we went online to see if the school lunch menu for Cooperstown was posted there. And indeed it was. In reading through the menu for October we did not find it to be substantially different from what we remember from previous years except for the fact that on Oct. 4 it claimed that “Diced Bears” were served. After spending a bit of time trying to figure out what “Diced Bears” might be we decided it must be a typo and that they actually served “Diced Pears.” At least we hope that was the case.

However, we did think the alternatives to the main lunch were not what we remember them being. Evidently there is now a vegetable bar available to add to the full meals. Milk includes 1 percent, skim, skim chocolate and skim strawberry. Substitutes for the regular lunch include chef salads, assorted wraps and uncrustables. Salads and wraps we understood. Uncrustables were a complete mystery.

However, by Googling “uncrustables” we discovered they are some sort of prepackaged peanut butter and jelly sandwich substitute. We discovered there are six different varieties. We pursued the information posted on the Peanut Butter and Raspberry Spread on Whole Wheat, which contains 210 calories, 80 of which are from fat, no cholesterol, which seems odd given the fat content, 9 grams of sugar and 230 mg of sodium. The list of ingredients includes unpronounceable items none of which sound particularly natural. Consequently we assume the lure of the uncrustable must be its taste. However, our attempts to have the Widge taste test one for us was met with great resistance from the parents. In fact, we suspect an uncrustable will never cross the Widge’s lips.

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