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October 18, 2012

The things you learn...


And while we well understand the desire to provide a nutritious lunch for our students, given all the complaints we have heard, we are not convinced the upgrade in school lunches has been as successful as one might like it to be. However, we are ever hopeful that we will soon be receiving more positive comments as the program continues to evolve.

Of course, we had also hoped, when we received notice that Bassett, in conjunction with area law enforcement, EMS and Otsego County Emergency Preparedness, would be holding an emergency preparedness drill that such a drill would be perceived as a positive event designed to help ensure public safety in case of some sort of disaster. However, much to our dismay, that did not seem to be the way the proposed drill was portrayed in the press. Instead it was pointed out that Bassett’s assessment for the need to temporarily close streets around the hospital did not follow the proper procedure with the village of Cooperstown for closing streets.

In responding to the mix up, this paper reported that “It’s a process issue. It’s a constant battle I wish we didn’t have to have,” [Cooperstown Mayor] Katz said. “All I’m asking is for the proper process to be followed.” He said the village would be happy to accommodate the need to close streets for an emergency drill, but that Bassett needs to follow the village’s procedures...” 

Under the circumstances, instead of the village pontificating on process and procedure, it would have been more helpful if someone at the village had picked up the telephone and called someone at the hospital to iron out the issue so that everyone could have moved forward.

Instead, the hospital has been chastised publicly for what we suspect was an oversight. We can only hope that should a real emergency arise, streets can be closed if necessary by the very emergency responders who were slated to participate in the drill, without asking the village for permission.

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