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March 28, 2013

Local voices from around the globe: Toyko captures my heart

So, long time, no write.

Sorry about that, last month, the time for writing came at a bad time. I was celebrating my birthday and then switched to a temporary host family for a month, the next day. I was busy as I only had less than a week notice, and trying to pack six months of packages, clothing and souvenirs in two suitcases and a bunch of bags is not the easiest thing.

I guess I’ll start off with my trip to Tokyo. Tokyo, oh, Tokyo, you captured my heart and I miss you oh so much back here in Kobe! Yes, those are my true thoughts! I miss Tokyo but there aren’t that many differences when you compare it to my city, other than it’s a lot bigger. I enjoyed Tokyo a lot, I spent the weekend with all the other exchange students and some past exchange students, we visited the sky tower, which is where you can basically get a panoramic view of the city, we went shopping (Forever 21, my favorite), and my absolute favorite, we went to Disney Sea. It was a great experience and nothing could replace that one experience. OK, so that finishes it for Tokyo.

Next, is school. In the end of February, everyone had end of the year finals. I of course didn’t do great, but on my one Japanese test, I got a 59/60! I was thrilled! Little stuff like that can make your day when you are trying to learn a new language.

After testing, we didn’t have any school, because the first years, my grade, has trips. My grade has five classes, and there were three trips we could go on, Hokkaido, Singapore or New Zealand. I went to Hokkaido and had an amazing time, we all skied three out of the five days that we were there. It reminded me how much I have missed the snow, and I learned that I love skiing!

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