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March 28, 2013

Local voices from around the globe: Toyko captures my heart


The trip to New Zealand was two weeks which is a big part of why we didn’t have school, which left me with a lot of time! It was a blessing to be able to sit at home and relax, but after a while I realized I needed to hang out with friends. I ended up not hanging out with friends, because time went fast, and then I was in Hokkaido, spending time with my friends for five days! We stayed in nice hotels and I even got to speak some English because the ski resort where we stayed had a lot of foreigners who wanted to learn, so they had teachers who spoke English! Anyway, I had great time!

Now, I have returned to school for a half a day for the cleaning and switching of classrooms, because we have had graduation already and it is time to become a second year! So I had half a day on Monday, then closing ceremonies was on Tuesday. Wednesday happens to be a holiday, and I will then be switching to my fifth host family!

I am looking forward and nervous for the change as always. After I change on Friday my school sings for an opening ceremony of a baseball season, I guess. Not quite sure how to explain it but it should be cool. After that I am done. No more school until the second week of April. I am thrilled, not being able to wait to hang out with friends. It should be fun, but then it will be difficult to readjust to school once again when it starts up. I am hoping to go to Universal Studios Japan, and to the circus.

My Japanese has come a long way! I spent a night at my first host family’s house and they were extremely impressed at how far it has come. I often will switch Japanese words for English words, and have trouble not talking in Japanese when I Skype with my family. I still have a long way to go.

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