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November 21, 2012

Officer promoted

Officer promoted

From the Otsego Herald

for Saturday, Nov. 21, 1812

Compiled, with comments


Weather: Utica 1812

Almanack: Now S.W. winds

which brings a storm of rain.

Lex Talionis

We have been informed, (says the Kentucky Gazette) that the Canadians who from a love of Liberty had joined our army at Sandwich [in Upper Canada], were as basely betrayed by [William] Hull, as was his army. Our informant saw nine of them swing on one gallows. Some naturalized citizens had been sent to Quebec for trial. 

If we naturalize foreigners as citizens, we are bound to protect them as such. Let our government act in the spirited manner commodore. John Rodgers has done — seize an equal number of English prisoners, and retaliate — and there will be an end to those acts of cruelty. So Washington did in our revolutionary war.

COMMENT: Up to this period in the war, prisoners of war (especially from militias) had been allowed to return home on “parole” — an undertaking not to participate further in the war. Now prisoners were increasingly kept, by both sides, and sometimes badly treated. Lex Talionis, or “the law of retaliation,” comes from the Exodus expression: “An eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth.” 

 A new Otsego doctor

The subscriber hereby informs the inhabitants of Burlington that he has opened an office over the store of Mr. S. Williams, and is ready to attend to calls in the practice of Physic & Surgery.

Having been in the study and attended to the practice of two physicians, eminent in their profession, and also availed himself of a course of Medical Lectures at Boston, with the privilege of visiting at the hospital with the physicians and seeing their treatment in a great variety of diseases both acute and chronic, he hopes therefore to merit their patronage and confidence.

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