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November 21, 2012

Officer promoted


Fellow Citizens, we feel it our indispensable duty to cast our mite into the great political treasury, at a time when the source of negociation is expended, and the worn out patience of the United States drove by foreign aggressions in the last disagreeable alternative, of biding a transient adieu to peace....

A nation not satisfied with the services of thousands of our enslaved seamen, nor glutted with the blood they have inhumanly shed upon the water; but (degrading to humanity) they have condescended to bow their Majestic Greatness to a level with Copper-colored barbarity, that they might act in concert with their western allies against the acknowledged rights of the United States....

COMMENT: By “copper-colored barbarity” is meant, of course, American Indians, most of who allied themselves with Great Britain and Canada during the War of 1812.


New Cooperstown lawyer

Franklin Ripley, Attorney at Law, has commenced practice in this village, in connection with Robert Campbell, Esq., Councellor at Law. Cooperstown, Nov. 2, 1812.

COMMENT: Franklin Ripley (1789-1860), spent little time in Cooperstown before returning to his home town of Greenfield, Mass, where he spent the rest of his life as lawyer and judge. “Mr. Ripley was a positive man in all of his convictions, strong in his friendships, liberal in his contributions when he had decided the cause was good, and had the fullest confidence of the community in his honesty, sound judgment and ability.” — from History of Greenfield. Robert Campbell (1789-1847), a lawyer from Cherry Valley, moved to Cooperstown and became one of its leading attorneys.

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