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November 21, 2012

Cuts here, there and everywhere ...


For a production of “The Servant of Two Masters,” we were presented with the task of crafting a Trifle that could be consumed on stage without the benefit of utensils. Needless to say, there was no way we were going to make a real Trifle as it sounds way too much like cooking to us. Instead, we managed to use Twinkies covered with vanilla pudding which, although it was somewhat on the messy side, served fairly well and appeared to be greatly enjoyed by the young man who had to devour said Trifle.

Of course, as our career in preparing stage food progressed, the actors and actresses in the scene from “Charley’s Aunt” that required a lunch at which shrimp salad was served did not fare quite as well as our Trifle eater. We know the cast was looking forward to downing shrimp salad at performance after performance. Unfortunately for them, we crafted the “shrimp salad” out of shell macaroni and beets. From the audience it looked great. And we were absolutely amazed at how the cast managed to appear to be eating the salad with nary a morsel passing their lips. Fortunately, we believe that our days of making stage food are over. However, we will always have our fond memories of the Twinkie with its Trifling abilities.

Not long ago, as we were perusing our recent issue of Cooking Light, we came across an article which included a review of mid-priced ranges. And since we have a somewhat suspect stove, we thought we might glean some good tips about purchasing a new one. However, we quickly discovered that the mid-priced ranges reviewed cost anywhere from $1,699 to $2,599. Granted, we haven’t purchased a stove for 30 years, but we found the prices to be anything but middle of the road. Of course, what we had not realized immediately was that the article was discussing restaurant-style ranges, something we, who make Trifles from Twinkies, definitely do not need. In fact, we have completely given up the idea of replacing our stove until such time as said stove is completely dead. Goodness knows we want to get our money’s worth.

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