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November 21, 2012

Cuts here, there and everywhere ...


Besides, we do have a crockpot in which we have been known to prepare a number of foods. In fact, we had decided, since it did not appear that we were going to be partaking of a traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner this year that we would purchase some turkey thighs and fix them in the crockpot. Imagine our surprise, however, when we asked at the grocery store if they had any turkey thighs as all we found on the shelves were whole turkeys, turkey necks and ground turkey. Alas, we were told they did not sell turkey thighs. And, to add insult to injury, we already had our box of turkey Stove Top Stuffing. Yet without the turkey thighs another option was cut from our already limited repertoire of recipes.

Nonetheless, we do hope that the Thanksgiving holiday, with or without turkey, proves to be a time of relaxation for family and friends before the complete madness of the upcoming holiday season kicks into full gear with all of its attendant activities. As usual we will try, in the name of sanity, to keep various aspects, such as holiday shopping, to a minimum, something we are able to do by simply making a donation to the Cooperstown Food Pantry in the name of everyone on our list. Doing so works for us. And we hope it also works for everyone on our list as well as for the Cooperstown Food Pantry.

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