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November 21, 2012

Hope Solo's autobiography does not disappoint


After reading Solo’s biography it’s not surprising that she could be so blunt and outspoken. She did not have an easy childhood. Her father was a shady character with constant legal issues and her mother was an alcoholic. She managed to survive and even thrive due to her athletic ability, good looks, and solid support from siblings, friends, and understanding grandparents. Solo came of age soccer-wise at the University of Washington and it led to her gaining a spot on the national team.

Solo’s memoir is impressive because she is brutally honest and doesn’t leave anything out. You learn what makes her tick and what it takes to play on the international level. Whether she is likable is another story. Her bluntness means that she isn’t the always tactful and can rub some people the wrong way.

Still, Hope Solo has an important story to tell. Whether you like her or not, you will appreciate her openness. Anyone who has an interest in women’s soccer will not be disappointed.

David Kent is the director of the Village Library of Cooperstown.  He can be reached at

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