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November 29, 2012

New goods


15000 BUSHELS of various kinds of GRAIN wanted, the terms made known by applying to the subscriber. Cash paid for Wheat.

N.B. A quantity of warranted AXES; likewise a few Cwt. [hundred weight] of genuine English Blistered Steel for sale. A liberal credit given.


31st Oct. 1812.

COMMENT: Like most retailers, Joseph Wilkinson not only sold consumer goods, but was ready to purchase the products of the farmers who would buy them. We may hope that he did well by this advertisement, because his house and store, on what is now Main Street, burned down on March 17, 1814.

[More] New goods

The subscriber has just received a fresh supply of:

DRY-GOODS & GROCERIES, Cutlery and Hard-Ware, Crockery and Glass-Ware, Dye-Woods & Dye-Stuffs, Drugs & Medicines, &c. &c.

Which will be sold low for ready pay....

T. R. AUSTIN. Unadilla, Nov. 13,1812

COMMENT: Thaddeus Richard Austin (1778-1852) was born near Hartford, CT., and died in Otego (which until 1822 was a part of the Town of Unadilla). He served as Town Supervisor of Unadilla in 1819-1820. Austin married Bethiah (Fairman) Austin (1785-1868), and they had seven children. In 1830 Austin promoted the building of a toll bridge over Otsdawa Creek, and in 1834, he helped found the Immanuel Protestant Episcopal Church in Otego, and donated the land on which its church was built.

From Stuart Banyar Blakely, “The History of Otego” (1907): “Before 1803 Thaddeus R. Austin, a Connecticut Yankee, was merchant...on the site of the present Bowe block. In 1812 he built a new store directly across the street, which is now occupied by the post office. He also erected a two-storied frame building on the site of the Susquehanna House, in front of which was a lawn with trees and a flower garden. The latter was a great curiosity, for any but wild flowers were then a rarity. 

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