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November 29, 2012

From Thanksgiving to Christmas ...

Not long before Thanksgiving we got a call from a woman who wondered if we might have our late mother-in-law’s recipe for pumpkin bread. Evidently our caller had gotten the recipe years ago and had, unfortunately, lost it somehow this past year. We must admit that we were somewhat taken aback by the question as we did not know our mother-law-was known for her pumpkin bread. We were well aware of her fruitcake and, of course, her molasses cookies. But we told our caller we would give it a shot.

We then went through all of our mother-in-law’s recipes but did not find one for pumpkin bread. We did come across one for prune bread, if anyone is interested, as well as a gingerbread recipe that was attributed to Father Cole who was once rector of Christ Church and the recipient of the wooden Paschal candle box which we still seem to be storing our garage. But we did not find a pumpkin bread recipe. At the Thanksgiving celebration we attended we did get a pumpkin bread recipe from another member of the family. However, when we checked with our caller, she was positive it was not the recipe for which she was looking.

Thus, our search for this recipe in now up to readers of this column. If anyone has a pumpkin bread recipe that came from Enid Ellsworth we would appreciate it being shared. Our caller, who assured us it was the best pumpkin bread ever, told us it had walnuts in it and made three to four small loaves of bread. She also thought it took something like three cups of flour and two cups of sugar. If anyone has a clue about this recipe, please let us know.

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