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December 6, 2012

Of bikes, fishing rods and philosophy


I wish I could recoup the bucks I spent a month or so ago on having the bike tuned up. I may just stick it under the tree come Christmas with this note: Free! Philosophically speaking, it is blessed to give and share one’s bounty. The money would have been better spent on a new pair of hiking shoes.

And then there is the never used LL Bean fishing rod, resting comfortably in its red carrying case, hanging off the end of a shelf in the garage, which is where it has been since the day it arrived. In his book, A River Runs Through it, Norman McClain writes that in his family fishing was more than a pleasant recreational activity, it was a religion. I loved the book and the movie. I have red several fishing classics and loved them all. The writing is often excellent. For many anglers it is indeed a very spiritual experience. Perhaps that is the attraction. Despite the allure, I have never quite been able to get myself to do it. Besides, a man cannot spread himself too thin. I hike, bird, write, read, garden, and mess around with botanical and horticultural interests. Add in family and the necessity for solitude. These are the soul nourishing things I do.

Sandy has a Rube Goldberg vision every once in a while. She sees me on my bike, fishing rod in hand, heading down the hill towards Red Creek. Oh, and I might just be flipping through the pages of my second book while whizzing down Fish Road. I suspect the only part of this image that might come true is the book. We’ll see.

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