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December 13, 2012

A miraculous rescue


The Indians were commanded by the Wyandot chief, Splitlog, who was very conspicuous, being mounted upon a fine white charger. This chief was supposed to be killed or wounded, as another Indian was seen upon his horse at the close of the action.

COMMENT: Brig.Gen. Edward W. Tupper (d. 1823) was the son of Revolutionary General Benjamin Tupper (1738-1792), and had raised a regiment in Ohio to fight in the War of 1812. Thomas Splitlog (Indian name Sou-Neh-Hoo-Way) (1755-1838) was a Wyandot Chief from Sandusky, Ohio, who became one of Britain’s chief Indian allies during the War of 1812. The report of his death in 1812 proved inaccurate, and he fought actively until the end of the War.

Naval expansion

A bill was yesterday introduced into the House of Representatives, for increasing the Navy of the United States. The bid is in blank; but it is understood the committee propose recommending the building of four ships of 74 guns; four large frigates; and four vessels of 16 guns. It is impossible to say what will be the fate of this proposition; but we are inclined to think the Navy will receive an augmentation of its present force. — National Intelligencer

COMMENT: A number of large ships were begun, but few if any were completed before the war ended.

A miraculous rescue

Philadelphia, Nov. 28. Brig Rattlesnake: It was our melancholy duty to state that the brig had been upset by a hurricane between Ready Island and the Piers about two o’clock in the morning of Tuesday last, and that 17 persons had been drowned.

It is with peculiar satisfaction we now correct this statement, and record a most extraordinary interposition of Divine Providence. At early day-light the boatswain went on board the brig to see if he could recover his trunk. While standing on a part of the bow out of water he heard the cries for help of the people in the forecastle, who were unable to get to the scupper, as the ship lay on her starboard side.

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