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December 13, 2012

A miraculous rescue


The boatswain hailed the Revenue Cutter who sent her boat with people, and an ax to assist in getting the unfortunate people out. They instantly went to work, and in seamen’s phrase, scuttled her, that is, cut a hole for the seamen to get out. 

The men had been four hours up to the chin in water, some being obliged to hold back their heads to keep the water from running into their mouths. They were almost exhausted for want of air when the hole was cut.

Not the least interesting circumstance in this truly interesting affair is, that the seamen, faint and expiring as they were, had borne up the head of the little boy above the water, determined that, so long as they lived, he should not perish. — Democratic Press.

COMMENT: The men were saved by the Revenue Cutter General Green, on Nov. 23.

Congressional nomination

By a Law of this State, passed the 10th June, 1912. the counties of Otsego, Chenango, and Broome, compose the 15th Congressional District, and are to elect two Representatives; and whereas the Republican Delegates for the several towns in the county of Otsego have nominated ROBERT ROSEBOOM, Esq., for one of the said Representatives, and the joint Committees of the Counties of Chenango and Broome, have nominated AMOS PATTERSON, for the other Representative:

Therefore, Resolved, that Robert Roseboom, Esq., of the county of Otsego, and Amos Patterson, Esq. of the county of Broome, be, and are hereby recommended to the Electors of said District, as suitable persons to represent them in the next Congress....

COMMENT: Alas, neither was elected.

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