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December 13, 2012

The wonder of it all ...

Somehow it seems to us that the last part of the year has presented us with any number of things about which we can wonder. It all started when the Otsego County Board voted, seemingly hastily without much advance notice, to sell Otsego Manor, the county’s nursing home.

We must say, that from our point of view, we have not been given enough information about this decision to be able to accurately assess its merit. While it sounds as if selling the Manor will result in huge savings for county taxpayers, no information has been offered, to our knowledge, as to what such savings might actually be. In fact, the county seems to have been much less than transparent about the entire situation which we find most disturbing.

Not only is the silence on the issue not fair to county taxpayers, it is definitely not fair to those who live and work at the Manor. And unfortunately, the silence also gives rise to people wondering just what the county is hiding. All in all, it has been a rather unsettling situation.

And unfortunately, the decision regarding the Manor was only the beginning of our musing about what is going on at the county. The recently adopted 2012 county budget also gave us pause.

We were most distressed when we first heard that the coordinator of health insurance information services was destined to be cut from the Office for the Aging staff. This was the first year we had the opportunity to work with Dave Polley, who held that position, to figure out just what supplement Medicare insurance and Medicare Part D plan we would need. We had heard for years from friends that he was absolutely fabulous when it came to helping seniors make educated decisions about their health insurance needs. And we would not disagree at all with that assessment.

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