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December 13, 2012

The wonder of it all ...


Of course, the Office for the Aging cut is not the only aspect of the 2013 county budget which makes us wonder. We are also befuddled about the transfer of $800,000 of money collected by the county’s solid waste fee to what we have been lead to believe is the county’s the general fund to help balance the budget.

This would seem to be somewhat problematic in that the solid waste fee is funded by fees which are paid by both taxable and tax-exempt properties.

Thus does this transfer make tax-exempt properties pay fees, which are now being used as if they were taxes which would seem to result in tax-exempt properties actually contributing to the county tax revenue? Finer minds than ours will have to answer this question but we do seem to remember that when the village of Cooperstown was considering transferring water or sewer monies, we can’t remember which, to the general fund, it was not done for this very reason.

We also have spent a bit of time of late wondering about the renewed effort to enact paid two-hour parking within the Main Street business district. It has been noted that handicapped spaces will be free which is not inconsistent with other on street paid parking we have encountered. However, since the proposed parking does not use parking meters, but rather parking machines as employed in the Doubleday parking lot, we wondered if the handicapped might be better served if handicapped vehicles, instead of just handicapped spaces, might be exempt from paid parking. Quite frankly, we can not imagine parking if we were forced to walk somewhere to get a parking receipt and return it our car before starting any of our errands. 

We also wonder if people will pay to pick up pizza, prescriptions or papers? Will the daily coffee get-togethers and breakfasts continue or will they move to restaurants located somewhere other than Main Street? Will locals try to lunch on Main Street or choose a place off Main Street which sports a parking lot? And, as the he-we used to claim, once people start to figure out they don’t need to be on Main Street in the summer, will they also figure out they don’t need to be on Main Street in the winter.

And finally, we have to wonder exactly how it is that we have been able to use our new Medicare coverage for a recent eye appointment when we are reasonably certain that when we celebrated our birthday recently, we turned 29...again.

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