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October 4, 2012

Life's puzzling moments ...

We have long thought there is much about life over which one might wish to puzzle. But of late, if what comes through our email and what people tell us in person and what we experience firsthand is any indication, those things over which one might wish to puzzle are on the rise. For example, we recently received an e-mail which stated “...I’m more convinced than ever that local governments are the last bastion of democracy...” Yikes! If this is true we have to wonder why we are going to bother to vote in November as there are only state and federal candidates on the ballot where democracy evidently no longer exists.

Nonetheless, the November election is proceeding as evidenced by any number of postings we have encountered on Facebook. In fact, the political rantings of many of the Facebook postings have led us to hide a number of friends until after the election, including the one who had the following comment posted to her Facebook page: “Yeah we’re having a sign war on our block. Right wing (expletive) have signs now!” It was not exactly news we needed to know.

Of course, we were also perplexed when someone mentioned to us, what he saw as rather ironic, that fact that the boardwalk in Lakefront Park is made of what was perceived to be some sort of composition building material as opposed to real wood. And while we would think using 21st century technology to extend the life of the boardwalk while at the same time reducing maintenance to a minimum would make sense, we do think it flies in the face of the seeming goals of the village’s Architectural Review and Historic Preservation Board. Of course, we hasten to point out that the boardwalk is in no way historic and thus no doubt does not have to try and preserve any history whatsoever.

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