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October 4, 2012

Life's puzzling moments ...


We are also puzzling over an aspect of our recent annual check-up at Bassett. The added attraction this year to such a visit is that we were told in no uncertain terms that we had to choose a healthy lifestyle goal which could be duly entered into our electronic medical record. To aid in choosing such a goal we were presented with a list of options, all of which we decided we either already did or were not inclined to do. Of course, we suppose we could have chosen to eliminate sugary drinks if it were not for the fact that we were not completely certain what might fall into that particular category. If it referred to soda, we would have taken that goal in a heartbeat as we try to avoid soda as much as possible. But if it referred to our pineapple juice, which we note has more sugar than soda, we were not interested.

In fact, we weren’t interested in the whole thing. But, when we were told we had to do it, we elected to make our healthy lifestyle goal to live to be one hundred because each year when we return for our annual check-up, it will be easy to see that we are still working on our goal. We must say that at the time of our visit to Bassett we thought this new requirement of a healthy lifestyle goal was probably related to some governmental directive. And sure enough, it took very little investigation to discover it is part of some government wellness program which evidently increases the government’s reimbursement rates for providers that participate. Democracy may be local, but it seems that health care isn’t.

We have also been puzzling of late by what we think is the current pipeline hysteria which produces comments such as “People don’t travel to see a pipeline,” thus noting the devastating effect the proposed Constitution pipeline might have on the area. And while we would agree that people don’t travel to see a pipeline, we have to think that a pipeline will not deter tourists either because if it did we tend to think the country would be pretty much devoid of tourism.

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