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October 4, 2012

Life's puzzling moments ...


According to our quick online research, the proposed Constitution pipeline would add another 120 miles or so to the already existing 2.4 million miles of pipelines in the country. Of these, 160,868 miles of pipelines carry hazardous liquids while 298,133 miles of pipeline gather natural gas from wells and another 1,848,980 miles of pipelines distribute the natural gas to consumers.

Additionally there are about 55,000 miles of oil pipelines which connect regional markets and another 30,000-40,000 miles of oil pipelines which gather oil from the oil fields.

Thus, we really rather doubt that the construction of a new pipeline is goingto substantially alter the fact that the country is criss-crossed many, many times with existing pipelines. In fact, given what we know about pipelines, we should be much more concerned about the fact that we need to replace aging pipelines, which are the most likely to cause problems, with new pipelines. Thus we find opposition to replacing existing pipelines even more egregious than opposing completely new pipelines.

And finally, perhaps our most puzzling communication of all, was the email we received which informed us that: “Bolivia is to become the first country in the world to give comprehensive legal rights to Earth. It was developed by grassroots social groups and agreed to by politicians in an effort to halt climate change and the exploitation of the natural world, and to improve quality of life for the Bolivian people. Once fully approved, The Law of Mother Earth will provide the Earth with rights to: life and regeneration; biodiversity and freedom from genetic modification; pure water; clean air; naturally balanced systems; restoration from the effects of human activity; and freedom from contamination.”

And since we think to accomplish these goals it will be necessary to eliminate the entire population of the world, this undertaking by Bolivia has the potential to interfere severely with our stated healthy lifestyle goal.

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