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August 16, 2012




Whereas my wife Eunice has eloped from my bed and board without any just cause or provocation; this is to forbid any person trusting or harboring her on my account, as I will pay no debts of her contracting after this date. JOHN MATTHEWSON. Westford, August 4,1812.

British Desertions

Halifax, July 22, 1812.... The Blood-Hound. Since the arrival of this vessel at Annapolis, about thirty-one of its crew have deserted and taken refuge in the country notwithstanding a declaration of war; in  act they leave her so fast that it is doubted whether she will have hands enough to return to England. The greater part of those who have deserted are excellent tradesmen of different kinds, and of course cannot fail to be a considerable  acquisition to this country. One captive released from British Bondage. Robert Young Hyde, an American seaman has got his release from H.B.M.’s brig Blood-Hound since she arrived in our harbor. -- Annapolis (Nova Scotia) paper.

Praiseworthy munificence.

Pittsfield [Mass.], July 25. On the 17th inst. the citizens of Cheshire and Adams, who have long been characterized for their liberal and hospitable disposition, as well as their ardor and stedfastness in support of republican principles, made a very generous donation to the soldiers of the United States army, stationed in this town, consisting of about 400 lb of cheese; 150 lb butter; 5 or 6 barrels of cider; a quantity of dried fish, white beans, potatoes, lettuce, &c. This noble and  generous act was cordially received by the soldiery, and the gentlemen officers tendered the donors, in their behalf, their grateful acknowledgements there for, with a pledge of their utmost exertions in vindicating the rights, and maintaining the  honor and independence of their injured country, whenever they shall be called into active service.

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