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August 16, 2012

Hamlet news; plus cat-patting

I’d like to report some good news in the hamlet of Fly Creek — properly called a hamlet, by the way, not because it is small, but because it doesn’t have its own civil government: Fly Creek has no mayor and council, no police or taxing authority, etc.

This is in contrast with the nearby village of Cooperstown, which is defined as a village, not because it is larger, but because it has a full system of governance. As my friend Cathy Ellsworth would say, we trust that is now clear.

But back to that local news. You know that Reid the Fly Creek barber fled the hamlet for the fleshpots of Cooperstown. He’s now located on upper Main Street in a delightful building designed, I think, by Dr. Seuss, who didn’t go in for straight lines and right angles. Stop by, admire the building and get a great haircut.

But we’ve picked up a Cooperstown exile to fill Reid’s empty shop. Kim’s Cut and Styling, formerly of Beaver Street, now is at The Four Corners, Fly Creek. And, just as Reid’s clients are finding their way to the Dr. Seuss house, so Kim’s are trekking to Fly Creek and her new shop. Good luck to both, I say.

I’m glad to announce that, next door to Kim’s new digs, the Stock Yard Restaurant is now licensed to serve wine and beer with their meals: two great whites and two great reds by the glass, and a good range of my favorite (i.e. excellent) beers. I’m already in love with Joe’s fish and chips there, but now I’ll be able to complement the lightly battered filet and crisp chips with a tall Yuengling. With absolutely no transition, I’ll not shift to a question raised on Facebook by Owen Good, a very talented man who once wrote for the Crier and now is living in North Carolina. Always given to imaginative whimsy, Owen wrote that he’s “seeking information on how to pet a cat like a criminal mastermind. Full palm? Or just three fingers?”

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