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July 25, 2013

There is good, there is bad and then there is high school

Cooperstown Crier

---- — Looking back at all my endeavors since freshmen year in high school, I realize that life moves on in a blink of an eye. I blink once and enter ninth grade. I blink again and I enter 10th. Another blink and I’m a junior. And, before I know it, I am surfing through the summer leading up to the last year of my high school career.

I never believed that high school, a time of awful rumors, bad hair days and never ending drama, would ever pass by so quickly. Looking back at all the days that were at a stand-still, I see that those little moments I hated so much are actually little pieces of the puzzle that make me who I am. 

High school, or “the best and most memorable days of our lives,” may not be the most refreshing, but it is vital towards the next step of our lives. What would we be without having to deal with our problems? How would we respond if we skipped the dreadful days of high school? Although it is cliché, high school dignifies each of us and “molds the foundation to our future.” 

Now, balancing my last summer before I graduate, I am finding myself stuck in a whirlwind of ideas, thoughts and plans. After high school, do I go to college? What is my major? What is my minor? Where will I go? How much will it cost? Do I stay local, or move out of state?

I never wanted to face my senior year of high school stuck in a situation where I have no clue where I want to take my life. I am no longer the girl that wanted to go to college to be a teacher. Things change, and so do people. As much as I want to freeze time to make my decisions, I know that life isn’t that easy. So I take things one day at a time.   

All the years you think you have to decide about your life outside of high school go by in an instant. All the years of procrastination come to an end eventually. My time has come to really figure out who I am. And who knows? Maybe I will find inspiration to become something great; a writer, a journalist or a novelist.

All it takes is one step at a time…

Barbara C. Doyle is a 17-year-old from Cherry Valley. She has written two novels and is working on a third. Follow her on her on her Facebook fan page, and read her blog at