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August 1, 2013

Local Voice From Around the Globe:Thinking, 'How can this be?' all over again


The cyclical nature of my case may sound ironic, but it runs beneath the surface of all that is plain to see, down to a level that is natural. Proof enough that my perspective underwent a change is the fact that I now find the organization of the West almost boring. Coming back home had the unique effect of allowing me to incorporate not just one or the other, but both viewpoints into my way of thinking, at last bringing me to the ultimate goal of the Rotary program.

The transition of returning was much more than just India to America. It was Hindi to English, city to village, hot to cold, spicy to bland, etc. In spite of that, there was one thing that remained constant between the two: Home to home. The shock of being back in America quickly evolved into my new found appreciation for it. Indeed, I always feel the presence of my experience in the way I view life around me, and I know that it will continue to bring color and contour to my life wherever it may take me.

Sam Aldridge, of Milford, participated in Rotary Exchange. To read more from him, visit

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