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May 2, 2013

'Dubious' about weather, Hawkeyes 'suitable' nickname

Unfortunately, it seems to us that this spring has, thus far, been anything but spring like. In fact, we are still more than happy to stay bundled up in our polar fleece.

Even on those days that have seemed somewhat warm, there has still always been a rather cool breeze. Yet, in spite of the weather, we have taken note of those events which we tend to associate with the coming of spring.

The Otesaga Hotel is once again open for the year. Pop’s Place has opened for the season. And we have enjoyed eating at both places. We have received our invitation to Derby Doings and Major League Baseball is, as we have discovered, in full swing. There also seems to be an increased number of visitors to our fair village, which we always see as a harbinger of things to come. Plus the snow birds are beginning to arrive back home having spent their winters in warmer climes. In fact, everything has fallen nicely into place with the exception of the weather. But then, we seem to recall that April has long been called the cruelest month.

Nonetheless, even though we are somewhat dubious about the weather, we are not at all dubious about the value of the recent top to bottom spring house cleaning we had done this past week. Normally we pretend to clean the house ourselves even though we have never developed a particular liking for the undertaking. Thus, we decided last spring that we needed to call in some reinforcements. And we liked the result so much that we decided a repeat performance was in order this year. In fact, we are seriously considering adding an addition fall cleaning to our thinking. We figure that if once a year is a good idea, twice a year must be a better idea.

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