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August 22, 2013

Teen Talk: Getting working experience has had its bumps in the road


And then, of course, I got the opportunity to write for the Cooperstown Crier. (If you haven’t figured that out already.) I was given the chance to extend my passion for writing novels into writing for the local newspaper. I still find it funny that I went from constantly struggling to find a job, to having two. I love them both, and I am thankful for getting the opportunities. 

As a teenager, sometimes we are underestimated. There are always going to be the kinds of people who don’t want to work compared to those who do. There is always going to be that one group of teenagers who mess it up for everybody. That just makes me want to work even harder than I already am to show that I am different. 

One day, that will make all the difference.

Barbara C. Doyle is a 17-year-old from Cherry Valley. She has written two novels and is working on a third. Follow her on her on her Facebook fan page, and read her blog at

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