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November 10, 2011

Home Notes: Residents enjoy harvest dinner


The month of October was absolutely GOURD-geous at The Thanksgiving Home. We started off the month with a beautiful and festive harvest dinner for both staff and residents. As one big family, we sat around warm plates of turkey, fluffy mashed potatoes, delicious corn casserole and fresh rolls.

Laurie Blatt handed out black markers and miniature  pumpkins to each table. Ourassignment was to pass the pumpkin around with each  person adding one facial featureto make a jack-o’-lantern face. The creativity swooshed through the air like a friendly ghost as each pumpkin came to life with smiling mouths and missing teeth, crossed eyes and curly hair. Our harvest dinner was also a time to celebrate October birthdays with the most delicious pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and caramelized sugar made by our extraordinary cook, Darcey Schilling.

Samantha Klein, Dottie Bly, Martha Quinn, Tierney Johnson, Amanda Groshans, and Lauren Miller were our birthday celebrants this month.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY — we are so glad you were born! We welcomed two new members to our family in October in our traditional Thanksgiving Home style   with a party! Lois Warrell and Norma Wagner joined the Thanksgiving Home family; they both bring their experiences and warm smiles and fit right in with  the rest of us. It’s hard tobelieve they just joined us; they are already integral components of our home.

Former resident Maureen Micek popped in for a visit and enjoyed dinner with us. She even stayed for a singa- long. It was wonderful to hear her stories about New Hampshire and to bring her up to date on news here.

Reconnecting with Maureen brought more sunshine and laughter to the Thanksgiving Home.

 Francis Wright, the directorof the Otsego County Office of the Aging, presented an update on Medicare changes. Martha Wilhelm met with individual residents about their pharmacy plans. We thank both of them for sharing their knowledge and expertise.

To get us all in the Halloween mood, Bruce Markuson came and told ghost stories of prominent places in Cooperstown.

We all enjoyed the spooky ambiance he created and hearing about “the other side” that exists in our own hometown.

On Halloween, residents and staff dressed in a variety of costumes, ranging from cowboys, to tigers, and witches. Kathy Lindberg, Hilde Parr and Sandy Brown came as the Three Wise Men.

Alberta Bowes won the candy corn contest by guessing how many “kernels” of candy corn were in a jar. Laurie told Halloween jokes, and we played charades and Halloween bingo.

Jameson Gable made quite an entrance in a Spiderman suit, complete with burly muscles! He also invited his cronies from Cooperstown preschool to come and trick or treat with us.

The kids were dressed in spectacular costumes: a construction worker, an Indian prince, a dragon and a princess along with many other creative ideas.

Their teacher, Miss Mary, led them in several Halloween songs and entertained us all with their smiles and polite manners. The children gave out handmade paper pumpkins to the residents and warmed the hearts of everyone in the room.

On a sad note, we lost a member of our family this month. Bobbie Mook died on Oct. 18 here at the home. There was a celebration of her life on Nov. 5 at the Presbyterian Church in Cooperstown. Bobbie is greatly missed by all of us.

 She was a sweet lady witha bright smile. I will always remember her love of plants, namely violets. Bobbie taught me how to propagate African violets and actually gave me two of her violets as gifts. I have one here at the home and one at my house; each  time I see them, I think of thekind and generous woman who gave them to me.

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